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Register Sets (Twinlock)

We fully manufacture bespoke Printed multi-part register sets in various sizes, parts and colours.

These are typically run in batches using black ink as a standard - other colours availble!


Standard Featured

Sizes available are as follows:

  • Product name: 'R64' =  152mm x  100mm
  • Product name: 'R85' =  216mm x 138mm
  • Product name: 'R88' =  216mm x 214mm

All forms are 'punched' at the top (to allow feed into a register set machine).

Forms are typically consecutively numbered bottom left (this position can be changed upon request).

Forms are Fanfolded into packs of 100 sets (2 & 3 part) or 50 sets (4 part)


  • Extra 'security' holes/punching/drilling
  • Coloured inks
  • Reverse print

We have portable R85 boxes and desk R64 boxes in stock for supply